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Now through the end of July, or while availability lasts: 30% off all Coarse Ground American and Korean Ginseng! This is a great price for a great product. Both the Coarse Ground American and Coarse Ground Korean Ginseng contain a mix of grades, including some of our most expensive ginseng, now available as a coarsely ground powder with bits and pieces in it. Supplies are limited!

"Not All Ginseng Is Created Equal!"

There are many grades of ginseng, and cheaper lower quality ginseng can be found on other websites. We only carry high grade ginseng. All our American White Ginseng roots, our Korean Red Ginseng, and our Chinese White and Red Ginseng roots are carefully selected, with only top grade ginseng accepted for sale on our site. We also carry extracts such as Red Ginseng Extract and Royal Jelly Extract.

Free Root Slicing Available

Currently Accepting Domestic (USA) Orders Only

For many millenia Ginseng has been in widespread use throughout Asia as a medicinal root possessing a wealth of properties. The scientific names Panax Ginseng and Panax Quinquefolius are derived from the Greek word for cure-all, related to the word Panacea.

Fresh ginseng root is picked wild or cultivated. The ginseng root is then dried. The best ginseng roots are often sold whole or sliced to experienced ginseng buyers looking for the ultimate assurance of ginseng root purity and quality.

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